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MDC Care Medical Trading LLC is a health care solution provider founded in 2007 in the United Arab Emirates. As one of the top tier companies in our domain, we offer an unparalleled range of products and services while committing to “good value pricing”. Our product mix is constantly expanding in response to market needs. Our specialty product range includes respiratory care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, medical and diagnostic equipment, mobility care, lifestyle, and surgical products.


Our Mission

To provide modern, innovative, and sustainable solutions with reliable value and quality for customers.


Our Vision

Be the leading regional healthcare provider in terms of services and products.


Our Values

People: Trust and Respect


Ethics: Uncompromising integrity in business conduct


Value Proposition: We provide our customers with products of superior technology, ease of use, reliable quality & affordable price.


We are an international group based in Parma, research-oriented, with over 85 years of experience, present in 30 countries. The Chiesi Group researches, develops and markets innovative drugs in three specific areas: AIR (products and services in the respiratory field, from infants to adults), RARE (innovative solutions and personalized services to improve the quality of life of patients with rare and ultra-rare diseases) and CARE (products and services to support specialist care, personal care and well-being).


Since 2019 we have been the largest pharmaceutical group in the world certified B Corp, while, in 2018, we changed our legal status to a Benefit Company, realizing the desire to measure our impact on society and the environment, combining the need to generate value for the business to acting as a positive force for the community in which we live.


With a consolidated turnover of 2 billion and 229 million euros we are among the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the world. The Group's Research and Development is based in Parma and integrates with six other major research centers in France, the United States, Canada, China, the United Kingdom and Sweden, to promote its preclinical, clinical and regulatory programs. Our production activity, on the other hand, takes place in three plants located in Parma (Italy), Blois (France) and Santana de Parnaiba (Brazil).

Emitac Group of Companies

Jointly owned by the well-known Bukhatir & Ghobash Group, Emitac Group was established in 1976 The company has been growing flourishing by meeting the most challenging requirements of a fast-evolving landscape through impeccable business acumen and technology.

We have established our presence within the region in countries countries like the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, &The Sultanate of Oman, where our branches operate as independent affiliates of EHS.

Classy. Caring. Compassionate.

At the core of our company, we are dedicated and focused on Baby and Mother care!

Who are we
Baby Friendly Trading is a UAE based trading company primarily setup as an extension for serving GCC market for Elvie and other baby care products. We are fully supported by Chiaro Technology Ltd (parent company of Elvie Brand) for bringing new age technologically savvy products to UAE for the mother and Baby category.


What do we do
Our focus is to provide the leading edge products and technology for Mother and Childcare within our region and bring the best from across the world to our customers in our region.

We strive to bring the world class products and services for our customers in Retail, Pharmacies, Online and Hospitals across GCC.


Our Strengths
Our strength lies in our business acumen in Hospitals sector working closely with the neonatology and pediatrics divisions. Our strong relationships with Lactation consultants and Midwives give us a platform to educate Mothers about our leading edge Mother and Baby care products and benefits.


Our Core Values
Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Reliability, Teamwork, Diligence and Customer Focused are the core values of our company.

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